X-Factor #237 I was at a comic shop last week looking for cover to feature, and I found this one. With the Spider-Man premiere this week, I wanted to find good Spider-Man cover, and this one jumped out at me. This cover, done by Carlo Barberi, features Spider-Man becoming the Man-Spider with Michael Morbius in the background. I was surprised to see it on an X-Factor comic, but I thought it was a little too awesome to pass up. The normal issue cover features Polaris, Banshee (Theresa Cassidy as Banshee), and Wolfsbane in red Mustang convertible, and it's a little more applicable to the actual story line in the comic.
The Amazing Spider-Man I know this will end up being a fairly short post, because I'm not going to dissect the plot or talk about the story; that and I have a meeting in about 15 minutes. I'm not really qualified to dissect movies anyway, and I hate spoilers so there's no incentive there either, but seeing the midnight premiere and not getting home until 4am was so awesome that I have to write something about it. I think my girlfriend, who got us the tickets (thanks, baby), made a really good point as we were walking out of the theater. She said, "I thought it was cast really well, and it's amazing how much of a difference that alone can make." It was, and it did. It makes sense to try to compare them to the original Spider-Man movie series, but as soon as you visualize the comparison, it essentially becomes moot. The differences are so great and obvious that they all but cease to be comparable. In my mind it's another tally in a column that I cannot get enough of, well made, true-to-form comic book movies. I loved it, and I aim to see it at least one or two more times before it leaves theaters. Oh, and there's a secret scene after the first bit of credits, so stay for that if you go.
Batgirl #12 The Batgirl series yields a lot of good cover art, but this is one of my favorites. For those of you wondering why Barbara Gordon has blonde hair in this cover, it's because it's not Barbara Gordon at all. Created by Stanley Lau, who has some pretty awesome stuff on his deviantART page, the cover features Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Brown was given the Batgirl mantle by Cassandra Cain after Batman's alleged death in the Final Crisis series. Aside from the obvious sex appeal, I like this cover for a lot of the same reasons that I like Rogue's X-Men Legacy cover from one of my earlier posts. The gritty side of comics and superhero stories is what I like the most, and so I tend to gravitate to comic art that incorporates that aspect of any comic universe. Plus, it's a pretty awesome picture.
Astonishing X-Men Saga For the sake of alliteration, I'm going to attempt to do this segment every Wednesday, but the title keeps stripping the apostrophe out of the title to make Wednesday possessive. It doesn't like a plain ' character or it's &rsquo equivalent on the main page. It will on it's individual page, but not on the main page and not on the category/tag aggregate pages. But I'll digress. This week's cover is from the aggregation of one of my favorite X-Men comic series, Astonishing X-Men. Simply called, Astonishing X-Men Saga, it's comprised of the first 12 issues in the series, which span the Gifted and Dangerous stories written by Joss Whedon. The cover itself, created by John Cassaday, features the initial Astonishing X-Men roster along with two others you may not immediately recognize - Danger and Ord - gathered around a copy of Astonishing X-Men #1. I like a lot of Cassaday's covers from this series, so you're likely to see ones from some of the issues in this set in the future, but I the comical (/wink) nature of the picture makes it stand out to me. Hence, it's inclusion here.

Weekly Comic Cover: X-Men Legacy #262

June 13th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics - (1 Comments)
X-Men Legacy 262 This weeks comic cover comes from X-Men Legacy #262 and features one of my favorite X-Men, Rogue. Designed by Mark Brooks, the cover depicts Rogue in her green and white uniform. The outfit is similar to how she's pictured in other story lines (like when Cyclops has her build her own team, which I think starts around X-Men Vol. 2 #191), except this time there's a white X on the chest and she seems to be missing the long, hooded cape. It's a cover I noticed when they were soliciting pre-orders, and I thought showing her in the aftermath of a fight was really cool. Rogue is a character that we've seen beat down opponents/vehicles/buildings for years, but I've rarely seen the physical toll of those encounters depicted, and I certainly hadn't seen them depicted on a cover until this one.

New title graphic

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Only took me a couple nights but I finally got my comic header graphic done. It's doesn't really fit with any specific page I have so far, but I think it's awesome. At the least I can make a page that sets aside comic-related posts and have it link to that. Yeah, and on that note I think I'm going to do an "Awesome Cover of the Week" series or something like that, because I clearly need more opportunities to describe something as "awesome."