I finished the title graphics for The Photo Shop and my Sci-Fi & Fantasy post page last night. The Photo Shop one isn't terribly artistic (then again, most of my stuff ins't anyway), but I did think it was clever. My initial idea was to do a single picture of a project that was sort of a gradient of completion; finalized at the far left and transitioning to blank canvas as the far right. I liked that idea a lot, but I had two problems, the largest of which was not having the requisite skill to actually pull it off. Then I thought about doing a kind of three-panel timeline of a Photoshop project that essentially illustrated the same idea - blank, partially complete, complete. On that item I ran into another problem, which was actually the second problem I had with my first idea, and that was that I just don't have any interesting Photoshop projects that would look good broken down that way. So after a couple failed attempts at that, I decided to just go with a blank canvas background, which brings us full circle. The Sci-Fi graphic was hard to make simply because there were too many things I wanted to put on it. Like my Gaming header, I wanted it to show the aspects of the topic that were the most relevant to me, and in that regard, I think it work out. However, there were some items left out, the most important of which would be Farscape. While I don't dislike Star Trek, it was never an important element in my life and thus will rarely surface here. Farscape on the other hand made a much more pronounced effect on my list of interests, and I am a little sad it didn't make the cut. I didn't even manage to cover Ben Browder or Claudia Black on the crossover with Stargate SG-1, but a capture of O'Neill and Teal'c golfing through the Stargate was a little hard to pass up (that's from "Window of Opportunity" in case you're interested). I also noticed the predominance of sci-fi over fantasy, with Lord of the Rings being the sole representative of the genre on the graphic. Still, there were only five spots, and that's how things stacked up.
I haven't been working on this for a long time, but I did get a second title graphic done. This one is for my gaming posts and while missing quite a few games, I included the ones most relevant to me (with the exception of KOTOR and Warcraft III). I suppose the characters will get dated after a while, but I suppose I can keep creating new gaming headers as the market for games, and my personal taste for them, evolve. Oh, and I created category pages (like what you get when you click on a category type) using a plugin called Link category posts. It's a pretty simple plugin that gives you a shortcode to display posts for a defined category or tag. I know that's something you can do with a category page template, but I found this a lot easier for what I needed it for. Here's what I added for my gaming page: [ catlist name=gaming categorypage=yes content=yes ] Yup, that was it. Maybe there was an easy way do to this from a custom template, or maybe there's a way to link the variable header graphics I have to the category pages that wordpress gives you out-of-the-box when you click on a category type, but I'm still new to any kind of wordpress development, and this was a good, simple solution for me.