This week's cover is the final issue in X-Men volume 3! The series is scheduled to be relaunched in April as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, and is also set to make a president for the X-Men franchise by having an all female team. Lead by Jubilee, the initial team will also include Rogue, Psylocke, Storm, Kitty Pride, and Rachel Summers. Exciting news and a fun cover? That's two for the price of one! While I'm not crazy about the art style, the nostalgic value of the cast of characters presented make this an easy choice for me. Created by Adam Kubert and Dale Keown, the cover provides a snapshot of the X-Men we all know and love. In a lot of ways, the classic uniforms and styling take me back to the original animated series, with a few additions like Hope Summers and Danger. So even though I probably wouldn't buy it for my wall, compilation pieces like this always bring up good memories for me. I hope it does the same for you.
I know it's Thursday; work's busy and I haven't had the creative energy to write at home so I apologize. Getting to why we're here, this is the first cover of a fun little series I stumbled upon last week. Created by Dave Johnson, the cover (and story, written by Dennis Hopeless) emulates the Japanese novel Battle Royale. Except this time, Arcade is the one gathering up teenagers for bloodsport instead of the Japanese government. Johnson has does a lot of great work, and this is the second time I've gone after one of his covers. I'm really excited that he will also be at Emerald City Comic Con this year, and I'm curious to see what work he brings along with him. Deep down, I'm hoping for this gem. But, as you can tell from the featured cover, he's done good work in a lot of different comic series, like this cover for Punisher Max #21 or this one for G.I. Joe. There are pages and pages of stuff like this so I'd definitely recommend taking some time to look though his work if you're interested.