Evidently it takes the death of a fundamental aspect of my childhood to wake me from my writing stupor. Namely, this headline - Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels Star Wars 1313 And Star Wars: First Assault. You might remember that one of my first posts was about Star Wars 1313 and how awesome it looked. Well, that excitement and hope was killed yesterday afternoon when the aforementioned Kotaku article was posted. While it sounds like the LucasArts name will remain as a publishing platform (wouldn't want to waste that custom letterhead I guess), it also seems pretty clear that any in-house development is dead on the table. The last remaining hope for these titles is that another developer picks them up. The Kotaku article doesn't give it much of a chance, and personally, I don't think there aren't many (if any) development companies that could or would pick up where LuscasArts left off. That's the aspect of the article that I find most depressing. Sure, LucasArts brought us X-Wing. Tie Fighter, Dark Forces, and Rebel Assault, but those games aren't being scoured from the Earth as a result of this re-purpose. Those titles still exist and can still be played, mainly thanks to ROMS/Emulators and virtualization programs. What is really gone is a developer who actually placed importance on PC game development, which is equivalent to a gaming industry endangered species. Stopping that development cold is like shooting the last White Rhino on the planet. Sure there are other endangered species hanging around, but this one is now gone forever. Thanks, Disney.