The Amazing Spider-Man: Absolutely Amazing

July 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man I know this will end up being a fairly short post, because I'm not going to dissect the plot or talk about the story; that and I have a meeting in about 15 minutes. I'm not really qualified to dissect movies anyway, and I hate spoilers so there's no incentive there either, but seeing the midnight premiere and not getting home until 4am was so awesome that I have to write something about it. I think my girlfriend, who got us the tickets (thanks, baby), made a really good point as we were walking out of the theater. She said, "I thought it was cast really well, and it's amazing how much of a difference that alone can make." It was, and it did. It makes sense to try to compare them to the original Spider-Man movie series, but as soon as you visualize the comparison, it essentially becomes moot. The differences are so great and obvious that they all but cease to be comparable. In my mind it's another tally in a column that I cannot get enough of, well made, true-to-form comic book movies. I loved it, and I aim to see it at least one or two more times before it leaves theaters. Oh, and there's a secret scene after the first bit of credits, so stay for that if you go.

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