Title Changes: LAG – Late Appraisals of Games

July 6th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Games & Gaming | Site Development
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my original title for game reviews wasn't so original. However, after a little crowdsourcing, a friend suggested "LAG" as a title and I decided to go with that. I spend a couple nights trying to figure out a subtitle to go along with it, and I just now decided to turn it into an acronym. I still wanted to highlight the key aspect of these reviews (their belated nature), and I also thought the term "appraisals" was a little more fitting for what I've done so far. To me, the word "review" implies a depth of content that I am yet to reach. Still, it's something to shoot for; and since I haven't done any sort of regular writing since I developed this site, I probably shouldn't be setting my expectations too high right off the bat.

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