Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: X-Men Legacy #223 and #224

July 20th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
X-Men Legacy #223X-Men Legacy #224 I got distracted with Fallout: New Vegas last Wednesday, so I've decided to make up for it with a comic cover double feature! These are the covers for X-Men Legacy issues 223 and 224, parts four and five of the five part Salvage series. Both covers were done by Lee Bermejo and Morry Hollowell, and both covers illustrate the two struggles the series addresses. The first being Xavier's final confrontation with Danger, and the second being Rogue's struggle to control her powers. It was a fun series to read and a big transition point in Rogue's story. So if that's of interest to you, it's probably worth picking up.

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