The Steam Summer Sale – Where Credit Scores Go To Die

July 20th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Games & Gaming
The Steam Summer Sale is a maw I can never avoid. It's like all my money is temporarily converted into store credit, and there's nothing else I can do with it. Sure, the money is leaving, but there's a resignation to fate at the onset of the process that makes it borderline acceptable. Although, truth be told, my delayed gaming cycle makes this time much less painful. Any major title that I had to play the day it came out (Arkham Asylum/City, ME3, etc.) I bought and played, but there was never really enough slack time between playthroughs (and sometimes second and third playthroughs) to pick up the other titles that had dropped along with them. I missed both Dead Space games but was able to pick them up this week for like $20. The other nice aspect of the Steam Summer Sale is that I can try out titles that I wasn't willing to front their initial $50 release price. I haven't played any of the Saints Row games, but I picked up The Third and all the DLC for it for under $30. It's things like this that compound the mixed feeling the sale gives me. I always spend more money than I intend to, but I'm never dissatisfied with the results. It's something you too can experience for yourself, but only for the next two days... and when it comes back around next year.

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