The Dark Knight Rises. To me, surprisingly well.

July 24th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
As a preface, this might contain spoilers depending on what you consider a spoiler. So if you're avoiding all Bat-related coverage before seeing the movie, you should avoid this as well. Or you can continue reading on below... To make what I'm guessing will turn into a long story short, I really liked the movie. Despite myself, this wasn't even one of those, "OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME AND I MUST SEE IT AND I WILL LOVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY," kind of things (sometimes those things happen, for better and for worse). After walking out of the Spider-Man premiere in the proceeding weeks, I was actually nervous, and almost borderline convinced that it wasn't going to be very good. After a friend and alcohol infused night spent watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight back to back, my faith was restored to a more moderate level. However, I never really believed it would turn out great. Perhaps it was expectations management, or maybe the event's reasonably-priced cash bar, but I was happy to find those expectations exceeded. One thing that really made the movie for me was the portrayal of Bane. I know that people took several issues with Bane, and some of them I can understand, but none of them were a sticking point for me. After seeing the movie, I went back and read a lot of the articles and interviews that I had shunned earlier, and I was surprised to read how many people were concerned with Bane's voice. Yes, it was modulated, but not into Sanskrit. I thought it was beautifully done, and I thought Tom Hardy was able to use it with an incredible range that added a lot of depth to what could have easily been a villain with a robot-voice. Another concern, one which was more prevalent in reviews after the release, centered around Bane's comic backstory and the film's accuracy in that respect. It's a concern that I can understand, but I think this is an example of an adaptation that follows the basic lore but changes some of the details. Again, I can understand someone who is upset by this lack of loyalty to the source material. We've been blessed with a recent abundance of well-made, story-accurate superhero movies; but while this may deviate from that norm, I don't think it detracts from the quality of the film or story at all. Bane's semi-traditional Venom storage tanks have been replaced by his mask. Though different, they both serve a similar purpose to the character (one provides him with strength and the other protects him from debilitating pain) and they both serve as his one real weakness. The prison that he grew up in, that shaped him, may have been slightly different, but it's hardly of consequence. His relationship with Ra's al Ghul was a little different in the film, but not completely fabricated. In the comics, Bane was chosen by Ra's al Ghul to be his successor much like he did Batman, and this eventually ends in a falling out between the two. So were things exact? No, but in my opinion, they did the character justice, and in some ways, elevated him above his usual portrayal as a villain who simply breaks his enemy physically. I could keep going on, but there were a lot of these kinds of elements where I found something I wasn't expecting, and that was fantastic. Needless to say (because I've already said it several times), I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not going to be as ravenous in my opinion as some, but I would urge you to see it if you have even a slight inclination to do so.

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