Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: Uncanny X-Men #509

July 26th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
Uncanny X-Men #509 This week's cover features Psylocke, another one of my favorite X-Men characters. Greg Land's cover art features Psylocke split into two of the bodies she has inhabited, that of Betsy Braddock and Kwannon. As you might gather, her back story is a pretty interesting one. While she isn't the sole focus of this issue (Uncanny X-Men does like its multi-story plot lines), it issue does serve as Psylocke's return to the 616 universe. Almost more interesting than reading the issue for me was reading people's opinions of Greg Land. There isn't much of a vetting process associated with what covers are featured here and which ones aren't. Sometimes, it's me making a run to a comic store, or digging one out of my collection at home, and arbitrarily choosing one I think I could write more than a few sentences on. This process has given me reason to pay more attention to the actual cover artists, which is something that I usually didn't pay much attention to. Which is a little strange, since comic cover art was what drew me into comics to begin with; no pun intended. Regardless, most of the cover artists I've looked at don't get much beyond their own website (if they even have that). Greg Land is the first that I have found who has something like this. It's actually pretty good, and its search result placement is pretty impressive and probably a little dis-concerning for Greg whenever he does a Google search for himself.

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