Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

August 16th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe I've been excited about this since a friend told me it was coming several months ago. This is one of four covers from the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe mini-series that's on a weekly release schedule for August. The title is pretty self explanatory, Deadpool is a serial killer who goes around killing Marvel heroes (and villains apparently). I'm guessing there's a little more of a cohesive story line at play here, but I'm waiting until all four issues are released to get them. The covers are all by Kaare Andrews, and you can see all of them on this review site I've randomly selected. Andrews has a website that is currently under construction, but maybe that'll change in the near future. I actually like a lot of his covers, especially the Ultimate Comics ones. So those are worth a look if you're interested.

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