Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: Deadpool #900

September 6th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
Deadpool #900 Yes, I'm finally getting around to that Deadpool cover I was going to post. I was originally going to post this cover, but you may be able to tell by the post date that today is Thursday, and I was informed by a reader last night that I was late with my Wednesday comic cover post. So, in an effort to not disappoint my one reader, I've upgraded to the wraparound cover for Deadpool #900, a special 8-story, 104-page special edition celebrating the series' milestone. I realize it's not much in way of appeasement, but I haven't even gotten a chance to write about PAX stuff yet, so there will be more posts than usual this month. Anyway, this particular cover is by a Deadpool cover regular, Dave Johnson. Johnson is also one of the founders of something called the Drink and Draw Social Club. As you can probably guess, it's a get together of artists and aspiring artists at a bar for drinking and drawing. It looks like it happens just about every Thursday at a bar in LA, but they also appear to tour around a bit with various comic shows if you happen to live somewhere other than LA. They even have books with work from these outings for sale if you're interested. All in all, a pretty awesome thing that you might want to look out for the next time you go to a comic con.

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