Looking Ahead: Games releasing between now and later – November 2012

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Games & Gaming
Today, we're continuing my Looking Ahead series with what's coming out in November. There might be other games dropping at the start of the holiday season, but these two are the ones I'm most likely to pick up.

Post-modern warfare?

CoD Black Ops II - November 13th

If you're disappointed in this choice, I really don't know what you'd expect. My first game review on this site was a Call of Duty title, and in it I outlined the reasons behind my affinity for the franchise. Such as it is, I'm optimistically excited about Black Ops II. Truth be told, I haven't looked into it much at all. In this iteration, I believe the intent is to be set in the future. While this is certainly not the first attempt at this in the genre, it is a first for for a Call of Duty title. Granted, they have little in the way of new time periods to exploit; and with Turrok's relative stranglehold on dinosaur-era shooters, the future seems like the next logical choice. Kidding aside, I am looking forward to Black Ops II. A lot of my time playing games is spent wading into the maw of an RPG. I've spent an ungodly number of hours playing those in my time, and sometimes it nice to have a break and play something with a linear story line where I don't have to manage character relationships. I know that at the very least this title will provide that periodic, necessary diversion, but I was pleasantly surprised by Black Ops I, and I'm hopeful that I'll be surprised again.

Because America, that's why.

Assassin's Creed III - November 23rd

Oh yes. This is exciting. Like really exciting. This was one of the few things I waited in line for at PAX this year, and even though it was just to watch a gameplay demo (and get an inflatable tomahawk), it was totally worth it. One of my friends had a pretty impressive Ezio costume, and the grin on his face when he got called up to be showcased by one the Frag Dolls was priceless. He was less impressed with the demo, which apparently had been out for a while by then, but I (who generally avoids those kinds of things) got to see gameplay for the first time. All the new elements they showcased were money. There are new weapons, you can free-run in trees, and you can assassinate people from moving carts. The new weapons are a point of interest to me, and not just because it reveals new ways to do something repetitive. In Revelations, Ezio's arsenal of weapons felt a little OP'd by the time you started using your one-shot hand cannon against an almost exclusively melee enemy force. The block/counter mechanic took quite a bit of fear of death away from the start, but assassinations still required a bit of finesse. Cut to the most recent title where you still have your counter-kill security blanket, and you can also select your favorite, extremely accurate ranged weapon to take your targets down with relative ease. So I'm hoping the new weapons available to Connor spice things up a bit, and I also hope the greater abundance of rifles in the hands of your enemies gives a player greater pause when thinking about breaking cover.

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