Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: Supergirl #55

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
This week's cover is Supergirl #55, and I'll admit, I haven't read it. I was a little low on inspiration this week, and I haven't gotten a chance to run to a comic shop in a while, so I reached back into the pile of cover images I accumulated while putting this site together and pulled out this one. Unlike a couple of my friends whose first big date together was a Smallville tour through British Colombia, I never got into the Superman universe (comics, TV, or otherwise). The closest I get is Justice League, and it's not quite the same. Still, when I came across this cover, looking for some DC covers for a header graphic, I thought it was one of the cooler designs I had seen. At first I thought it was a kind of shattered mirror image, with the cracks separating the different elements. Looking at it a little closer, I could see that it was actually the viewpoint of Supergirl looking at Bizarro Supergirl through a field of broken glass. I think it's a really cool concept that translates into an awesome cover. Supergirl #55 was was Amy Reeder Hadley's introductory cover to the series, where she did several covers before working on (coincidentally, given my last comic cover post) on the new Batwoman series. Hadley has a website, a blog, and recently completed a Kickstarter project for a Halloween Eve comic book. It's all definitely worth a look.

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