Finally found a good .ico converter

November 27th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Site Development
A recent update to the theme I use for my site resulted in a few weird side effects. My title graphic got replaced, some CSS changes messed with my inline image sizes, and my page icon was removed. All in all, nothing to really write home about, but in the process of putting everything back together, I found a pretty sweet .ico converter called CovertIcon. The concept here is pretty simple: Step 1) take generic image file, Step 2) turn image file into a .ico file. However, I remember having the hardest time finding something that could generate an icon. I eventually settled with a MS Paint style web app where you manually created a really clunky icon to use. Even though it's an incredibly small piece of the website, I like that I was able to clean it up. So if you're OCD about little details like I am, it's worth checking out.

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