LAG – Dishonored – Final Thoughts

December 27th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Games & Gaming
With my one day off this week where I was actually home, I was able to finish the last few chapters of Dishonored. So before I get too far into that, I'll issue a spoilers warning. They're coming. Prepare yourself. For starters, I was surprised how the story went. I know I shouldn't be, the spy being betrayed by his handlers isn't exactly a new thing, but I was. It was to the point that even when the world was getting all fuzzy during the party that I didn't go straight to being drugged, I thought it was the Outsider doing something that only I could see. There was no obviously sketchy Loyalist who you knew was going to rat the group out. Even Martin, who I was the most skeptical of, seemed genuine. I didn't even slightly suspect Havelock. He was always presented as such a firm believer in the cause; and even though your clockwork heart tells you of his ruthlessness, I assumed that honor and duty would win out. I really did enjoy the gameplay though. I went stealth the whole game, and attempted my no kills and no detects playthough first. Which would have been completely successful if not for the Granny Rags / Slackjaw debacle in the Flooded District that I couldn't avoid. It was a little tedious at times, but it was still a lot of fun. Even so, I feel like I am missing out on a lot of the game by not using half the tools I was given. There were a lot of situations where I could think of good power/equipment combos that would get me out of a tight spot, but would inevitably kill someone. I know I won't like the world that action will create (which makes we wish I took that approach first and could end on the happier note), but until then it'll be like I've only played part of a game. The environment created was also pretty incredible. There was no involved backstory that fed you the information you needed. Instead, the game gave you glimpses into the world though journals and books that you could read and from random NPCs talking to themselves or each other. These things gave you so much more insight into the dystopian world you're trying to fight against than the world your character is actually able to explore. Not that the gameplay environment wasn't great, but the context you were able to glean added so much to it. Which is what I'd expect out of a Bethesda game. All in all, I really liked Dishonored, and I'm looking forward to another playthough. I think they provided solid gameplay with a lot of cool mechanics and an environment that let you use them in unconventional ways. Combined with a solid, well-told story, this ranks up there as one of the better games I've ever played. So if you're on the fence about picking up Dishonored, my recommendation would be to go for it (especially if it's a Steam Sale day).

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