Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover: Batwoman #21

May 29th, 2013 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
The problem with not posting anything for a long time is that you end up with a ton of potential comics to choose from when you finally decide to write about one again. Unfortunately, nothing really caught my eye until I found an upcoming issue of Batwoman, done by J.H. Williams III. I've posted some of his work on Batwoman before; all of it is pretty incredible. And despite the images he creates being quite different, an almost instantly recognizable style is present in all of his work. Even as a thumbnail image, this particular comic jumped out at me as one of his. I haven't seen Killer Croc featured in a comic for a long time, so that's exciting to begin with, but the cover itself is amazing. I love the black and white background and the space on either side of the red lines with the smearing and splatter. Those minimalist elements with the busy characters at the center give contrast and depth that make for an incredible image. And seriously, if you haven't checked out any of Williams' other work, you should.

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