Wednesday’s Weekly Comic Cover – Batgirl #21

June 12th, 2013 | Posted by Emmett in Comics
I had planned to do a Superman cover this week in light of the Man of Steel release scheduled for this Friday, but then I came across this one. This is part two of Batgirl's encounter with the Ventriloquist, and the cover is nothing short of the thing nightmares are made of. And you have Alex Garner to thank for that; it's the first cover of his run on Batgirl. Garner's work is pretty spectacular, and there's a good chance (especially if you're a Wonder Woman fan) that you've looked at one of his covers and thought, "Wow." This time you might think, "Oh god, I'm never closing my eyes again," but even so, you want to look at it because it's so good. So enjoy.

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