Ultimate Comics X-Men #5 In last Wednesday's post, I mentioned that I liked a lot of Kaare Andrews' covers, so I thought I'd follow up with my favorite of his covers. This one features a closeup of Rogue. In this arc, like many others, Rogue struggles with her mutant powers and searches for a way to lead a normal life. While this and several other characters are the same, the series also features Kitty Pride in her newly assumed identity as The Shroud. Here's a version with the cover text added if you're interested. The Marvel Wiki is my main source for comic cover images and artist information, and you can find a decent collection of covers by Andrews on that site. I didn't really care for the style he used on his Astonishing X-Men covers, but I think he has a lot of good ones for Ultimate Comics and they cover a pretty wide range of characters so you can probably find one you'll like too.
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe I've been excited about this since a friend told me it was coming several months ago. This is one of four covers from the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe mini-series that's on a weekly release schedule for August. The title is pretty self explanatory, Deadpool is a serial killer who goes around killing Marvel heroes (and villains apparently). I'm guessing there's a little more of a cohesive story line at play here, but I'm waiting until all four issues are released to get them. The covers are all by Kaare Andrews, and you can see all of them on this review site I've randomly selected. Andrews has a website that is currently under construction, but maybe that'll change in the near future. I actually like a lot of his covers, especially the Ultimate Comics ones. So those are worth a look if you're interested.
Amazing Spider-Man #641 This week's cover is the fourth - and final - chapter in the One Moment in Time arc. This story follows on the heels of the One More Day arc and addresses the fallout that accompanies Peter Parker revealing himself as Spider-Man in the Civil War. There is a lot leading up to these events, and all of it forms a pretty key point in the Amazing Spider-Man chronology. The cover is one of my favorites. It's beautiful, but I also think it's refreshingly simple and elegant for a Spider-Man cover. Paolo Rivera does the cover and some of the interior work for this issue and the three others in the story arc (among many others). He also has his own blog.
X-Men #30 We're going a little bit back in time for this week's cover, back to X-Men Vol. 2 #30 to be exact. This is the wraparound cover variant, by Andy Kubert and Matt Ryan, for the Scott Summers and Jean Grey wedding issue. Fun fact, Andy Kubert is currently the VP of The Kubert School in New Jersey. The school was founded by his father, Joe Kubert, and is dedicated to Cartooning and Graphic Art. It also looks like Ryan owns a freelance art studio, Mine Studio, which rounds out two of the more entrepreneurial comic artists I've run across in the short lifespan of this website. I like the wraparound variant because it showcases the fairly diverse crowd and shows you who all is there. Certain people you may not expect are Cable, in the third row behind Bishop, and although I don't see her on the cover, Rachel Summers. You can also note Wolverine's absence from the wedding, though that was done with good intentions and may not be entirely true. The issue provides a cool look at a lot of elements in the X-Men universe through the cast of characters present, and that's something I really like about it. Another reason I chose this cover is a more personal one. I will be attending a wedding for two old friends of mine, and I thought this (plus whatever item I happen to grab off their registry) might make for a nice, little tribute. So, in the event that either of you happen to be reading this, I wish you only the best and a long, happy life together.
Uncanny X-Men #509 This week's cover features Psylocke, another one of my favorite X-Men characters. Greg Land's cover art features Psylocke split into two of the bodies she has inhabited, that of Betsy Braddock and Kwannon. As you might gather, her back story is a pretty interesting one. While she isn't the sole focus of this issue (Uncanny X-Men does like its multi-story plot lines), it issue does serve as Psylocke's return to the 616 universe. Almost more interesting than reading the issue for me was reading people's opinions of Greg Land. There isn't much of a vetting process associated with what covers are featured here and which ones aren't. Sometimes, it's me making a run to a comic store, or digging one out of my collection at home, and arbitrarily choosing one I think I could write more than a few sentences on. This process has given me reason to pay more attention to the actual cover artists, which is something that I usually didn't pay much attention to. Which is a little strange, since comic cover art was what drew me into comics to begin with; no pun intended. Regardless, most of the cover artists I've looked at don't get much beyond their own website (if they even have that). Greg Land is the first that I have found who has something like this. It's actually pretty good, and its search result placement is pretty impressive and probably a little dis-concerning for Greg whenever he does a Google search for himself.
X-Men Legacy #223X-Men Legacy #224 I got distracted with Fallout: New Vegas last Wednesday, so I've decided to make up for it with a comic cover double feature! These are the covers for X-Men Legacy issues 223 and 224, parts four and five of the five part Salvage series. Both covers were done by Lee Bermejo and Morry Hollowell, and both covers illustrate the two struggles the series addresses. The first being Xavier's final confrontation with Danger, and the second being Rogue's struggle to control her powers. It was a fun series to read and a big transition point in Rogue's story. So if that's of interest to you, it's probably worth picking up.
X-Factor #237 I was at a comic shop last week looking for cover to feature, and I found this one. With the Spider-Man premiere this week, I wanted to find good Spider-Man cover, and this one jumped out at me. This cover, done by Carlo Barberi, features Spider-Man becoming the Man-Spider with Michael Morbius in the background. I was surprised to see it on an X-Factor comic, but I thought it was a little too awesome to pass up. The normal issue cover features Polaris, Banshee (Theresa Cassidy as Banshee), and Wolfsbane in red Mustang convertible, and it's a little more applicable to the actual story line in the comic.
Batgirl #12 The Batgirl series yields a lot of good cover art, but this is one of my favorites. For those of you wondering why Barbara Gordon has blonde hair in this cover, it's because it's not Barbara Gordon at all. Created by Stanley Lau, who has some pretty awesome stuff on his deviantART page, the cover features Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Brown was given the Batgirl mantle by Cassandra Cain after Batman's alleged death in the Final Crisis series. Aside from the obvious sex appeal, I like this cover for a lot of the same reasons that I like Rogue's X-Men Legacy cover from one of my earlier posts. The gritty side of comics and superhero stories is what I like the most, and so I tend to gravitate to comic art that incorporates that aspect of any comic universe. Plus, it's a pretty awesome picture.
Astonishing X-Men Saga For the sake of alliteration, I'm going to attempt to do this segment every Wednesday, but the title keeps stripping the apostrophe out of the title to make Wednesday possessive. It doesn't like a plain ' character or it's &rsquo equivalent on the main page. It will on it's individual page, but not on the main page and not on the category/tag aggregate pages. But I'll digress. This week's cover is from the aggregation of one of my favorite X-Men comic series, Astonishing X-Men. Simply called, Astonishing X-Men Saga, it's comprised of the first 12 issues in the series, which span the Gifted and Dangerous stories written by Joss Whedon. The cover itself, created by John Cassaday, features the initial Astonishing X-Men roster along with two others you may not immediately recognize - Danger and Ord - gathered around a copy of Astonishing X-Men #1. I like a lot of Cassaday's covers from this series, so you're likely to see ones from some of the issues in this set in the future, but I the comical (/wink) nature of the picture makes it stand out to me. Hence, it's inclusion here.

Weekly Comic Cover: X-Men Legacy #262

June 13th, 2012 | Posted by Emmett in Comics - (1 Comments)
X-Men Legacy 262 This weeks comic cover comes from X-Men Legacy #262 and features one of my favorite X-Men, Rogue. Designed by Mark Brooks, the cover depicts Rogue in her green and white uniform. The outfit is similar to how she's pictured in other story lines (like when Cyclops has her build her own team, which I think starts around X-Men Vol. 2 #191), except this time there's a white X on the chest and she seems to be missing the long, hooded cape. It's a cover I noticed when they were soliciting pre-orders, and I thought showing her in the aftermath of a fight was really cool. Rogue is a character that we've seen beat down opponents/vehicles/buildings for years, but I've rarely seen the physical toll of those encounters depicted, and I certainly hadn't seen them depicted on a cover until this one.